Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What others have been up too :)

So I have not made the time to take pictures of any of the things I have been doing crafty wise, (plus i have been organizing my craft room which is taking longer then I thought it would) so I figured I would show some projects other people have been doing.

So at Blog a la Cart she had recently made a really cool lamp. You can see how she made it here.

Over at Sew Selena she had made a purse from two skirts. You can visit her blog here.

At the Corner House, they had a circus themed birthday party that you can check out here. 

At Embracing Change she redid a piece of furniture and turned it into the picture below and you can see her blog here .

Everyone should check out these awesome blogs! I follow them all and so many others. These ones were chosen at random and I am thinking of picking random people I follow to blog about each Wednesday to show what other people have been up to recently.

And just a tiny update about yours truly! I went blond a few weeks ago BUT it was more blond and kinda really brassy orange so I had went back to my cousins, cousin so she could fix it!



My hair is now the color I had wanted it to be I am a Happy Happy Girl! :)


The One and Only,


  1. your hair looks nice :)
    and this is such a greta idea to show what others are doing :))

    1. Thank you, you are very sweet! I just feel like i neglect my blog because I run out of time to do things myself so I figured to keep up postings I am going to try and dedicate a specific day for a specific post.