Friday, August 10, 2012

Where have I been?!?!?!?!?!

I have been here, just have not made the time to blog/edit/take pictures. Last week I never made it out to Thrifty Thursdays shopping spree BUT I did yesterday and I did more then just thrift store shopping. at the thrift store I did buy more fabric only spent 15 dollars and got a lot of stuff (I will update this post or do another one with pictures this weekend) I also went to the mall and did some sale shopping I got my lover a pair of sneakers and I got myself a pair of flats, flip flops, and also a pair of wedged high sandals (that are so cute). Then I stopped into a store called Rainbow, it is closing and everything is super cute! I got I think it was 6 long sleeved thermal shirts, two very cute flirty dresses and three tank tops for a whooping $45.00! Tonight we are going to go see Suicidal Tendencies with a large group of friends! I am exciting!

The One and Only,


  1. No worries. I post about twice a week on a good week! I'm trying to post more lately though...

    Have fun at the concert. when I think of ST I remember this scene in this silly movie called Encino Man. haha

    1. I never heard of that movie, this was the second time I have seen ST though always fun!