Wednesday, August 22, 2012

It's a pillow, no its a sham, no IT'S A RICE the rescue

So for some time I have had "neck pain" more so muscle pain, from the way I hold the phone at work, at least this is what I think the pain is from. As a child I remember my mom always having a rice bag to heat up in the microwave for when we were in pain, instead of a hot soak that made you wet and didn't stay hot for very long we always used a rice bag, I decided to make one and I am going to share pictures of this with you. I haven't crafted in a while and hopefully this gets me back into the groove of things!

First I cut strips of this blue fabric and ruffled them. Then I pinned them to the pink fabric.

Then I sewed the ruffles on

I just really liked this picture

After I sewed on the ruffle i sew up the side filled the bag with rice sew up the end and now heat and enjoy!!!

The One and Only,


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