Friday, August 3, 2012

My Logo...

You know that thing, everyone puts it on their own pictures so that no one else can call your work theirs? I have one I have been using, i spent little time and just made it in Photoshop with only text though. I am not in love with it. I could have spent more time on it, make it look better, just didn't have make the time for it. I was doodling today (usually thank means i just write my name a bunch of different ways.) and I think I have designed what will be my new Logo that I put on all my pictures, once I Photoshop the lines to make it more crisp and probably Photoshop some color in there. Let me know what you guys think though this is what I came up with today.

*please note I cleaned up the image a LITTLE bit with paint but the computer I am currently on does not have Photoshop

The One and Only,


  1. this one will be very hard to copy (by someone else, I mean). Just put some color on and you are set :)
    p.s. I like it

    1. Thanks! there is definitely going to be color! I appreciate your thoughts!!