Thursday, October 25, 2012

What I accomplished tonight...MY DIY HALLOWEEN

I used Modge Podge (I had on hand left over from other projects  and mounted these pictures I printed out on regulare paper and glued them to 25cent clearance dollar store clearance ugly pictures and save about $29.25 they look great and were so easy and cheap to make

We used a old broken helmet cardboard duck tape and spray paint all on hand and made this free "Beef Cake" helmet (Beef Cake is a Gwar character Bobby's favorite band!)

Sneak peak at how our room is decorated for Halloween!!!! SSSPPPOOOOOOOOOKKKYYY!!!!!

I have been make toothpic decorations and these were left over from my free prints out used for straw decorations.

Saw this DIY dollar store fram on pinterest which pinterst let me to this blog here is my version :) cost me two bucks $1 for the frame and 1$ for the googly eyes.

I have already posted a similar picture but I am ery excited for my DIY photo booth using a small flat screen TV, my Nikon D5000 and a remote for it and the props I made myself :)

The party my BF and I are throwing is getting very close and I am almost ready, just need to make the drop cloth and cupcakes for the most part. I made both our costumes this year as well will have pictures in a blog post soon!!!

Oh I also finished glueing all my cupcake tooth pics and forgot to take a picture...will update this tomorrow with one:)!!!


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The outside of our not so haunter house

 Bobby and I carved pumpkins Monday night his are above mine is below. I had so much fun. Halloween is right up there with Christmas as a favorite holiday!!
 This is how the front of our house looks :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

DIY Halloween!! A very scary funny day!!!

 I LOVE LOVE LOVE HALLOWEEN!! I am having so much fun making things for my party that is coming up!!!

I got the stencil's from HGTV here . They are supposed to be for carving pumpkins but this is what I used them for

These ones just need sticks attached to them
I wrapped straws with ribbon and used hot glue to make the sticks

I also started to make cupcake tooth pick decor!!

My boyfriend made the next pciture, what is Halloween with out a guillotine

Monday, October 15, 2012

DIY Photo Halloween Booth Props / DIY PHOTO BOOTH

UPDATED 10/25/
My boyfriend and I will be hosting a Halloween party this year. I decided to make a DIY photo booth and to make my own props. Here is a preview/the first prop I have made so far.

Supplies needed for this prop:
1. Pumpkin carving image off of the internet.
2. Scissors
3. Felt
4. Straws
5. Ribbon
6. Hot glue

Things you will need to make a DIY photo booth ^ is some of the supplies. A digital camera that you have the wires to hook up to a TV and that you can use a remote release button, A remote Release button, a small TV that you can use your camera wires to connect to the TV, a tri-pod and a back drop to hang for your guest (backdrop pictures will be added in probably in another post.)

Be prepared for more to come!!!