Wednesday, August 15, 2012

If you knew me....

So I have seen these posts floating around and figured I would do one too!

If you new me:

You would know my favorite color is GREEN & Purple
You would know that I try and be nice to EVERYONE
You would know that I LOVE all ANIMALS, but my cat Wacko is by far my favorite!
You would know that I love to create things, or even just play around and see what happens with crafts
You would know that I love my boyfriend very much
You would know I am far from PERFECT
You would know I don’t get along very well with other girls and I only have a few “good” friends
You would know that I do not follow popular trends of style I just do me
You would know I work very hard
You would know I am not very good at keeping up with my blog
You would know I love taking pictures
You would know I am very good in the kitchen
You would know that I HATE to clean (especially putting clothing away)
You would know I live with a lot of animals, two guiny pigs, a snake, two cats and a dog (plus three other humans)
You would know that I have long nails and hate painting them (they chip too much)
You would know I LOVE fresh flowers (Daisy’s are my favorite)
You would know my birthday is in September
You would know fall is probably my favorite season

These are some things you would know if you knew me.


  1. My birthday's in September too.

    If I could I'd have more animals. :)

    1. I love my animals but they can be a pain :), and my birthday falls on the 23 :)

  2. What a great idea! I might have to do one of these posts, myself. :)