Monday, August 8, 2011

The Weekend Rush

So this weekend was very eventful!

Friday after work (my lovly boyfriend BOBBY!) took me shopping!! We went to Oxford Valley Mall, Kohls, Kmart, and A.C. Moore. Then we went to a lovely dinner at his favorite chinnese food place :)
Saturday morning I got up relaxed and read my book What happened to Goodbye. Then went over to my mom's and hung out with her for a few hours we went to lunch and went to walmart to get pillows and other house hold things. Satuday night me and Bobby went back to walmart to get a new minifridge with a real freezer! I was very excited about this the little things in life that make your world go round! Then we ordered a pizza and after dinner i made cookie dough for the famouse cherry bell cookies my grandmom make and put it in the fridge to chill then watched a movie with Bobby, his mom and grandmom. The movie kinda sucked but it was fun. Then After the movie I made the cookies very succesfully, The only downfall to them is I didnt have the right cherry filling so they didn't taste exactly right but the cookie part was perfect and that had been my downfall for so long! I also made cheese tarts that were delicious!!
Sunday I had a lazy start to the day I read my book for about an hour in the morning and then once Bobby left to go do a side job with his dad I got to work on our room. I cleaned it up to perfection, put all my cloths away stopped for lunch, then went back to it until 2. I spend about 4 and a half hours cleaning our room. Then I showered made a delicious dinner, sat down and finished my book! After I realxed for a while after cleaning all morning I sat down and did my AVON order, which I may not have alot of customers but I have had an order for each week to place an order!

All in ALL a great weekend!!!

Here is a book mentioned above it was great I recommend it to anyone!

I am currently readings Jay's Journal which was edited by the same person as GoAsk Alice!


What to take from this weekend:
Take today for what it is and enjoy the simple things in life!

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