Thursday, August 4, 2011

Child Hood Friends for Never!

What happened to lets stay friends forever? You know that one person you were with growing up all those years, you would spend the entire summer with them, go one family vacations with them, and then one day they get way to cool for you, find you not very interesting or worth taking the time to stay apart of your life and they never make the effort to call or come visit you even though they say they are going to? Yeah well screw that! I mean serisouly people are so screwed up in the head sometimes not realizing that they are missing out on someone who truly gives a crap about them, and then they repay you by calling you one a year to ask you for directions somewhere or to comeplain about how bad their lives are and not even thinking to ask how you are! It serisouly makes me mad and sad all at the same time! I give up on those relationships from now on! I WILL NOT CONTINUE TO CALL SOMEONE WHO DOES NOT HAVE THE COUTESY TO EVER CALL ME!!!!


One another note:
I should be getting my package from Charlotte Russe today!
I may not be the most fashionable but I love MY LOOK
Here is what I got....

Sheer Shimmer Mesh Top

Chiffon Shark Bite Top

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