Monday, August 22, 2011

Smushed Together

I  haven't posted a blog in a few days so I have a few topics that do not really fit together at all....

Lets starts off with how this past weekend went (excluding the miserable)

Saturday I highlighted and cut my hair myself for the first time, which is extremely cost effective, and if you trust yourself enough i suggest anyone else to do it as well... Here is a picture of how it turned out.

Then Bobby and I went out and got stuff to fix the bathroom sink and got two movies to watch together. We finally had another date night.


Its was wonderful.

On Sunday we played Scrable with Brian and it was alot of fun. After Brian left and and Bobby played another game, its becoming an obsession. :) Later in the night Brian came back over we played again and watched the Dark Night

...On Another Note...

Here are few drawings/doodles of mine I want to share

My cat is a strange one:

My birthday is coming up and here are a few things im interested in.

Helen of Troy Gold Series Spring Curling Iron 2" <Sally's

Conair Collapsible Hard Hat Bonnet Dryer <Walmart


Have you ever seen just one rain cloud in the middle of a normal cloud? I have!

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