Monday, August 15, 2011

Oh What A Weekend!!!

Congratulations to Scott and Suzanne!!!

A wonderful party on Saturday to announce their engagement and our families to meet each other!

After the party Bobby and I decided to take a spontaneous trip down the shore and hang out with his best friend Brian. It was so much fun drinking at the beach bar, dancing on the dance floor, swimming in the ocean, night swimming in the pool and then just all hanging out on the front deck until three in the morning!

Sunday was somewhat of a dreary day but we hit up the beach that was very windy and then went swimming in the pool, made delicious sandwiches and then went to the boardwalk. We went back to the house just as it started to downpour. We played board games had a great dinner and then hit the road to come out.

This weekend was fabulous!

This morning my cat Wacko missed me so much he sat next to the sink while i brushed my teeth and got ready for work.

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