Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I love _____
It's a very common phrase over used and misunderstood. I really like so many things and so many other people truly really like other things, but that does not classify it as love.

What truly signifies love? I can guaranty not one person can answer this fully. It is one of the most difficult questions to ask. Most people do not even think before they say it, even the most intelligent people will do this.

Love to me is caring about someone or something so passionatly that you just could not live with out it/them. The things that you love help determain who you are. Love is so much of an emotion that it can just not be described in words because not matter how much you try to the right words just don't do a good enough job.  I love my boyfriend although I tell myself all the time if something ever happened to him or us I would be fine, if he wasn't by my side I would be devastated. I care about him oh so much and I would never want to lose him.

I love having hobbies especially baking it is one of my favorite pass time, along with that is taking pictures, making  sentimental things for the people I care about, and spending time with Bobby the person I love more then anything else!

Cherry Cookies (more commonly know as cherry bells) Great Grandmom Smiths recipe. Grandmom Leh makes them now they are a family tradition!
Homemade brownies from scratch!

Bobby Mcgee:
Bobby and I (six months together)
A Zippo Bobby bought me just because he thought I would like it!!

Even nature shows sign's of love 
On out Portland trip three random golden retrievers playing on the beach
An amazing view on our trip to Portland Oregon

All pictures above were taken by yours truly!

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