Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Shopping Spree!!!

I love, love, love Kohls. I love their online shopping, their great deals, and their clearance section. (Clearance is my favorite brand!) Today I bought 19 items for $104.00 after an $11.00 dollar gift card. (I don't count gift cards as real money)
Mudd® Color Corduroy Jeggings - Juniors
SO® Lace-Trimmed Tank

SO® Lace-Trimmed Tank

SO® Striped Lace-Trimmed Tank

Jerry Leigh "Love Love Love" Top

Derek Heart Football Tee

Derek Heart Mesh & Dazzle Jersey

Derek Heart Football Tee

SO® Fold-Over Lounge Capris - Juniors'

"Call Me Maybe" Tee

Candie's® Floral Beaded Camisole

Energie "Love" Sweatshirt

Mudd® "Make My Heart Melt" Tee

Derek Heart "Love" Foil Sweatshirt

Derek Heart Rhinestone Dorm Pants - Juniors

Mudd® Velour Racerback Tank

SO® Flannel Button-Front Top

Wallflower Stud Skinny Jeans - Juniors


  1. Beautiful pictures! Keep sharing such nice photos as I am looking forward to getting new ideas from your collection.

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    1. Thanks! It isn't often I treat myself but they are having such good online sales with the 30% off coupon with charge card the code is "shopnsave"