Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Deer, why I hate them!

Yesterday while driving home from school a deer ran out into the road. So what did I do? I slammed on my breaks and did NOT hit the stupid deer. As well all know, deer travel in pairs. What did the stupid, traffic jumping deers friend  do while I was stopped from avoiding an accident? It decided to run straight into my front fender!!! I really, really dislike deer at this point. I didn't get hurt and the deer didn't get hurt. It actually hit and ran me! Last thing I remember is it looking me straight in the face (as if saying "hey were did you come from") before backing up and then running away, I guess he/she is fine (although it may need some prescription medicine for being suicidal). Lucky it only hit the fender three more inches, that would have been my door, which could have shattered, which probably would have deployed my airbags, which would have caused more damage. So that is good at-least. My car is "drivable" but makes this rubbing noise while I drive, so I am not comfortable driving it for fear of messing it up worse. I have a guy who is a great body guy, who I know will fix it right. You wanna know what my insurance company say. If it isn't one of our recommended body shops you have to wait 3/5 BUSINESS days to get your car adjusted FIRST then you can take your car to whomever you want. BULL SHIT!!! I have a Honda, wanna guess that not one of their recommended body shops is for Honda's, because none of them are. So its either wait for their body shop to get the parts needed to fix my car or wait to get it adjusted. Both options SUCK BIG! Just think it is only Tuesday, what else will go wrong with this week!

Thanks for reading my story. Hopefully I didn't bore you too much.

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