Friday, March 8, 2013

If it is FREE it is for ME!!!

Hello Everyone!

So I haven't been doing much crafting at all. I have been so busy with school that I just simply have not had the time. Although my post yesterday was about shopping and today is another fashion post. A guy I work with has a daughter who loves cloths. He offered to me to have any hand-me-downs that she doesn't send to consignment. Here are some sweet finds he gave me!!!

 Aryn K Jacket ($112.70-158.00)
 Express Pants ($69.90-79.90)
 Indigo by Clark sandals ($119.99)
 Sperry Top-Sider rain boots ($78.00)
 Igor by Clark ($120.00)
 Naturalizer Sandles ($70.00-$90.00)
 Timberland's ($120.00-$160.00)
Vince V Camuto ($110.00)

The prices I found for these brands are just for similar items I couldn't find the same exact things online.

I was given all these higher end shoes for free and they are barely used looking at all!!!

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