Sunday, December 2, 2012

I learned how to knit

 So this weekend I decided to teach myself how to knit! I am thoroughly enjoying this. I knew how to crochet but I really enjoy knitting much, much more.

Oh by the way the knitting needles and the (3) things of yarn were all thrifted so i spend about 3 bucks on this project!

This was the first night!

This is my progress this is going to be a lap blanket.

I also recently started using Instagram, so far i kinda like this, or well the frames I can put on pictures atleaset.

...I linked up at newlywoodwards dare to diy.
and at elizabethandco


  1. This is going to be really pretty. I love the colors and it looks super cozy.

    Thanks so much for sharing on Dare to DIY. It'd be great if you could link back.

    1. like put the link on my blog? I would if I knew how to do that?

      And thanks the yarn is really soft.

  2. I love knitting! Good lucking finishing up.
    I am visiting from the DIY party...

    1. I will post a follow up when I am done.

  3. Is that Lions Brand yarn?
    That is what I use and all my scarves turn out nice and soft and fluffy!
    It looks like you are doing great so far!

    1. I honestly do not know the brand I thrifted the yarn it didn't have the labels on it