Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas Spirit...

Who else has been feeling the Christmas Spirit this year? For a while (late teen/early 20's) well I am only 23 but between I guess the age of 16 and 22 I didn't really feel the Christmas Spirit. This year is the year though! I am totally feeling the spirit!!! I am very excited for Christmas and not even because I am prepared (I am not I have not gotten one single present yet!) but becuase I am just so ready to enjoy the lights, the music, the snow and the hot chocolate. I even Decorated my desk at work (haven't started at home yet that is what this weekend is going to be all about!!!). here are the pictures of what my desk now looks like and all the decorations are from the dollar store!.

my computer

 The Santa and Snoopies and the picture frames I have had they are not from the dollar store.
 This bear is the bear I got for valentines day and I just put this cute (pet) hat and collar on him