Thursday, December 13, 2012

Cover your Boring Note Books!

So as I have mentioned before I am going back to school. I have a bunch of old notebooks from when I went to college the first time. They are boring, colorful but just plain old notebooks. I wanted something more and didn't want to spend anymore money. (trying to use things I already have on hand/can get for free school is expensive enough as it is by itself. I even told my BF that he could get me cute/funky/fun school supplies for Xmas, haha.) So I took a look at my fabric stash (wish I think I have SO much of and the BF tells me I do nothing with so "in yo face" I am using some :).

To start I cut out a template to cute out the fabric pieces.
Then I made my own D.I.Y. Mod Podge, which is just old Elmer's glue mixed with water (again something I had  on hand instead of spending$$$
Next I cut out my fabrics

Following that I used the qlue, a sponge brush and attached the fabric to the note books

I still need to trim the edged of the fabric off on these three
Right now I am letting these try and have weight on them to keep them flat as it does dry
Here is how the one I made yesterday looks

I still want to do more to these so there will be an updated post on these.
** UPDATED 12/14/12 i covered the spirals.

Also from this post I did a little bit more to my planner, I added rub ons
 Inspirations quotes.
I also recently helped out my cousin to make a video for the Doritos commercial  contest called Crash the Super Bowl if you click on the link and if voting it open please vote for him!

The cast Me (Ashley), Alaina, Matt and director Jimmy. If the link doesn't work right just type in Leh in the search and he has two videos submitted.

and last but not least here is a picture of my Kitty he just makes me so darn happy!