Friday, July 13, 2012

Some Crafts and some other stuff

So I am going to try and neglect this blog less. (I have one follower so it is not like it matters much anyways.)

But here is some of what I have been up to since my brothers wedding

I decided that I would take all of Bobby's cousin Ragina's baby cloths (what they have left of her cloths that is) to make her a quilt. In the process of doing that I am recycling all of the zippers from the outfit (did you know zippers can be pretty pricey) YAY FOR RECYCLING!!!

My Main Squeez!!! This is my baby boy Wacko! He is my cat but the house hold I live in we have another cat Marvin and a pitbut mix Wilbur. But this is my pride and joy right here. Isn't he the cutest!!!

Bobby, our two friends and I went to a Phillie's GAME. GO PHILS!!!

I WENT BLOND! OMG! Actually this is alot more blond then I wanted and will be toning it down a bit in a week or so. (What do you guys think??!?! I would seriously love to know!)

I am still making hair clips cannot get enough of them!

This one was for the 4th of July! (that i forgot to wear *hand smacks head*)

I plan on getting better at keeping up I also have a few projects im working on that I didnt take pictures of and will add more to this soon ( In another post)

But i am making glass wear for a candy bar for a family member and also making her quest book as well!

Hopefully I get some more followers or atleast more page views other then just my own!

I give you all my best regards!
~Miss Ashley Lynne!


  1. You now have at least 6 followers! :-) I saw your post on Hulibug's page on Facebook and just followed your trail of bread crumbs to your blog. I'm eager to see how you refashion things - I love to make something that is out of something that was. I share some of my projects and re-creations on my family blog -

    1. Thanks for being my SIXTH follower. I love interacting with people who have similar interests as me. I'm going to have to check out your blog as well!!!.