Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Finally a Refashion of my OWN!

So for some times now I have been inspired by This Awesome Girl! I have tried a few times and failed, not really knowing what I was doing, I love to craft I love to sew but I am better at just winging it on small silly things when it comes to my sewing machine. If I have a pattern with instructions no problem I can whip something out quickly and I thought I could do the same for refashioning things. This was not the case. But I was successful with this skirt turned dress. (my mom went through her closets, baskets, and dressers and gave me a ton of things!



I also have finally uploaded pictures on my other "Started not yet Finished" projects!

~Glass Ware For Nicole'd Wedding~

~Finished - Cat toy for Wacko~

~ Started - A quilt for Regina~

Of course Wacko thinks my cutting mat is a place for him to lay down and play with me. HAHA
I love my Kitty! 

a failed attempt at taking in pants but while I was trying Wacko wanted to nuzzle the pants! 
Ugh love/hate right here!

All below on the rug I thrifted for $10.00!!!
(I didn't thrift the rug I actually got it for free)
Elastic lace, straps, a charging station with power cord, a book, and a stamp with ink pad!

So finally a full post that has a refashion I am so happy with all of this. Soon to be shown on this blog, A vintage sewing table in the process of being refinished and also a hutch for my craft room to be sanded and stained that I got for a mere 30 dollars and its solid wood! YAY!!! I could not even buy and build it out of wood for that price!

From the one and only,
~Miss Ashley Lynne!!!


  1. Love your refashion. Great job!


    1. Thanks Shannon!
      I love your blog as well, love the looks you put together!

  2. I am over from The Messy Roost. Awesome stuff, my husband took away my thrifting rights for now -- I have a lot of unfinished projects - ha ha. I look forward to seeing you around. Rhonda

    1. Thanks for the comment! I am glad I am not alone with the unfinished projects (only so many hours in a day). If my boyfriend had any say I'm sure he would try to do the same. Ha HA.