Thursday, June 28, 2012


So I have seriously been neglecting this blog. As much as I have love for having one I am terrible with the upkeep, not that I have any readers anyways, but this is mine! I will be updating everyone soon with my latest craft creations, (helping out  Bobby's cousins wedding stuff) I am currently working on the glassware for the CANDY BAR woot woot!!! I will be writing more soon!


  1. if we lived closer i would provide you all the glassware we had for our candy bar for our wedding, seriously the glasses are just sitting in boxes in our garage

  2. I appreciate the thought I truely do! I actually have aquired all the glass wear from thrift stores and what I had around the house. I have obly spent 25$ on all of it and to decorate appropriatley I have everything else to create the look they need to have. Thanks for being my first commenter!!! Made a great ending to my day!