Friday, April 5, 2013

Need a good Read?

So I am 23 years old and have been over the whole young adult high school books since about a year after I graduated. So there has been a lull in books I was interested in reading, and I really didn't know where to state at all. At my office we have a book drop box, where you bring in books, take books, return or don't, it doesn't matter, but we all share. Well I decided to pick up a book (judge it by its cover "HA" "HA") and give it a try. (psst...I did happen to read the back as well.) Little did I know that the books was one in the middle of the series, although it did not read as if it were one. I love those kind of books; they can stand alone or you can read them in order. The new author I like is Susan Mallery, and the book series is Fool's Gold.

Here is the link to her site.

Those are the first two books in the series here is another link so you can see all the books in the series.

I loved book #7 Summer Days. I just bought #1 on my nook!

PS if anyone wants to be nook friends let me know. I don't currently have lend-able books, but I am still building my collection.

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