Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Those things that just don't fit

So I found a new love Pinterest!!!!  I just love it!!! you can also check out my facebook!  Here are a few pictures of what I have Been up too!

I have been thrifting lately. my latest find is all this thread that cost me $6.50 if you are including the cost of the clothespins to organize it. Otherwise it was a whopping $4.45!!!

I went to a community yard sale a few weeks ago and picked up all the stuff you see for a total of $45.00. You read that right 45 bucks!!!!
(minus my kitty!! hes just nosy)

My boyfriends cousin asked me to make her, her guarders for her wedding this coming October! I was so honored! I am almost done them just waiting on her to find the charms she wants added to them!

My brother is getting married this Friday!!! So close!!! They rented a photo booth but they were gonna charge $75.00 on top of the rental fee for props so I made them some from templates I printed out online and cut out on scrapbook paper!!!

I also made this for my brothers wedding

Another thrift store wonder was this pile of fabric I spent a whopping $25.00!!! could have spent 4 X's that at Joan's or Walmart!!!
In love!

I have been making these flower head pieces from the stock pile I shows above!!! Going to sell them at a flee market in June!

I also made this stamp from a packet of dollar store erasers I bought. I plan on making more but just have to find the time!!!

I Had a blast on my Hawaii trip in March! ALOT OF FUN! also like I said above my brother is getting married this Friday 5 18, 2012 and I am a brides maid. so nice to be asked to be in it! not much else is exciting or new! I have just been crafting, crafting, crafting and looking for new crafts to make!!!! Things are still going strong with my Love Bobby!!!

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