Friday, January 6, 2012

Simply Beautiful

The little things in life is what we all really need to start appreciating! Like a cute picture text with your anniversary date written on a post to a work bench just because you are loved!
Taking the time to travel with friends and visit friends and have a great time!!! Hawaii now includes My boyfriend, My brother and our very good friend!!!

This is truly a trip of a life time!!! We all cannot wait to get there and hang out with two other pretty amazing people!!!

Below are some pictures from my friends Facebook that I really like that she has taken since (and yes this is true) she has lived there! Can you believe that paradise as your life I am somewhat jealous but extremely excited to be able to visit. Hawaii is one of the places I have wanted to travel to since I was a little girl.

Ali'i Drive
Akaka Falls
Collapsed Lava Tube
                                                                    Green Sand Beach

For those of you who are so caught up in the drama of life, remember that there was one point where you enjoyed what you had in front of you. Try to hold onto the happiness, let go of the misfortune, and do not believe every word you hear about the world around you. 

Rule # 1 Enjoy the Little Things

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